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Nifty Media Acquires Innovative Web3 Media Brand NFT Insider

Influential NFT news company Nifty Media continues to expand their media arm with their latest web3 acquisition

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, June 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MANCHESTER, UK, JUNE 4, 14:00 BST, 2024 – Leading independent NFT news and media company Nifty Media has announced the expansion of their media arm through the acquisition of popular web3 media brand NFT Insider.

This adds to Nifty Media’s portfolio of blockchain-focused entities, which includes longstanding, reputable brands such as news websites NFT Plazas, magazine MagNFT, weekly newsletter Nifty Notes and virtual world advertising service Metaverse Residents.

The brand was purchased for an undisclosed fee, with current COO of Nifty Media John Nichols returning to helm of the site he founded in 2021. Areta acted as the exclusive financial advisor on the transaction, and Nifty Media has secured ownership over NFT Insider’s website, content and social media channels, with plans to relaunch this week.

Originally covering developments on the WAX blockchain, NFT Insider expanded to cover the wider web3 industry - both online and at major events around the world - following its purchase by NFT marketplace AtomicHub in September 2021. Highlights included exclusive interviews with the likes of FEWOCiOUS, Sebastien Borget, and Eddie Fear, and engagements with figures such as Ben Goertzel, Jeffrey Pabst and Sami Chlagou.

"I'm delighted to announce the acquisition of the popular NFT Insider brand,” said Chris Thomas, CEO of Nifty Media. “This marks a significant milestone for our company and is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate our deep commitment to the NFT space."

Whilst many web3 media companies are scaling back operations, Nifty Media is continuing to grow, with the acquisition and relaunch of NFT Insider marking the next step forward in their growth strategy for 2024 and beyond.


Media Contact – Nifty Media
John Nichols, COO: john (at)

Media Contact - Lunar Strategy
Vineet, PR Manager, vineet (at)

About NFT Insider
Founded in 2021, NFT Insider is a world-leading media outlet specializing in blockchain gaming, on-chain experiences and the industry at large. With a unique brand of honest, community-first reporting on the latest titles, tokens and must-know developments, we’re chronicling web3’s disruption of the billion-dollar entertainment industry.

About Nifty Media
Nifty Media is an industry-leading web3 media company, with its flagship brand NFT Plazas - the #1 news site dedicated to growing the NFT, web3 and metaverse space - having been founded in 2018. Our mission is to be an evangelist for blockchain technology, and highlight the exciting benefits and experiences it can bring. Through groundbreaking coverage of games, crypto art, collectibles, metaverse projects and more, we’re flying the flag for the entire web3 industry.

CONTACT: Vineet, PR Manager
vineet (at)