Top NFT Art Marketplaces

NFT art, or crypto art, has been a hot topic recently. On NFT art marketplaces, NFT art creators and resellers have made millions. If you are interested in crypto art and NFT art, you might want to know: what are the best NFT art marketplaces to buy and sell crypto art? In this article, we will provide a list of the top NFT art marketplaces and platforms.

Top NFT Art Marketplaces

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway teams up with digital artists and brands to create collections of limited edition, high-quality NFT arts, exclusively available on this NFT art marketplace. As an NFT art marketplace, Nifty Gateway has teamed up with people like world-renowned artist Michael Kagan, etc. On this NFT art marketplace, each collection will be opened at a specific time (which is called a drop), and will only be available for a limited time.


OpenSea is the first and currently largest NFT marketplace for user-owned digital goods, including digital arts, collectibles, domain names, gaming items and other assets backed by a blockchain. Although OpenSea is a general-purpose NFT marketplace, it hosts a large collection of digital arts. To use OpenSea as an NFT art marketplace, you need to have a Web3 cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask. Once connected, OpenSea will automatically search your crypto wallet and display all the NFT items you have and the assets you need (like Ether) to buy new NFTs in this marketplace.


SuperRare is an NFT art marketplace that makes it easy to create, sell, and collect rare digital art by artists around the world. Its smart contract allows artists to release limited-edition digital artwork tracked on the blockchain, making the art rare, verified and collectible. Once the NFT is sold to a buyer, it can then be resold on a variety of NFT marketplaces. On SuperRare, every time an NFT is resold, the creator can still earn a fee. Therefore, as an NFT art marketplace, SuperRare guarantees digital artists an automatic royalty for their creations even long after they have been sold.


Rarible is an NFT art marketplace that allows creators and digital artists to issue and sell crypto assets that represent ownership in their digital work. As a platform, Rarible is both a marketplace for NFT arts as well as a distributed network built on the Ethereum blockchain that enables their trade without a middleman. On Rarible’s marketplace, you can find NFTs that include digital artworks, memes and even items of virtual land. Rarible also has its own cryptocurrency, called RARI. By owning this token, users on this marketplace can vote on important issues that affect the platform and also moderate creators and curate featured artworks.


Hashmasks are virtual artworks created by a team of globally-distributed artists. Hashmasks is part crypto-art collectible, part token mining, and part utility. Each Hashmask has a distinguishable feature such as skin color, character, and eye color, etc. During the initial phase, the combinations of these various traits were randomly selected and combined to build each Hashmask. Unlike with other NFT art marketplaces, Hashmasks are unnamed, so the NFT owners have the responsibility of naming their Hashmasks, thus contributing to the artwork creatively in a special way.

Art Blocks

Art Blocks is an online platform and NFT art marketplace that's dedicated to generative art, which transforms hash values of blockchain blocks into colorful abstractions. Selected artists can submit code and decide the number of editions to be produced. At this NFT art marketplace, collectors \won't be able to know the look of the new tokens before they make the purchase. They can only get a sense of the style by viewing tokens previously minted. There are actually endless possibilities as to what new tokens could look like. Behind the scene, a generative script is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain for each project. It will make sure every NFT is random, generative, and one-of-a-kind.


MakersPlace is a full-service NFT art marketplace and online community for artists and creators to mint and sell NFTs that represent their artwork. MakersPlace empowers artists with the tools to protect and sell their digital creations to fans and collectors. Made possible by blockchain technology, every digital creation available on this NFT marketplace is authentic and truly unique, signed and issued by the creator.


KnownOrigin is an NFT art marketplace that allows artists to tokenize their artworks into NFTs. KnownOrigin facilitates NFT purchases using its smart contract platform and protocol, which enables instant transfer of funds to the artist when a sale happens. On this NFT art marketplace, users can make bids on artwork as well as make purchases at the asking price. Artists can control the pricing models of their NFTs and they can even gift NFTs to new users.

Async Art

Async Art is an NFT art platform and experimental art movement inspired by the question "what does art look like when it can be programmed?" Async Art allows digital artists to tokenize programmable digital art into layers. Instead of being one single image, artworks created on Async Art are packages of assets, which have two parts: Masters and Layers. Masters are complete crypto art pieces and layers are the individual parts of the Master image. All parts can be tokenized separately and owned by different people.


Foundation is a creative playground for artists, curators and collectors to experience the new creative economy. Unlike most other NFT art martketplaces, Foundation is an exclusive and curated site. In order to become a creator on Foundation, an artist must first be invited by a current creator to join. Once a creator sells the first NFT, he/she will get access to the "Creator Invites" feature and invite other artists to join Foundation.


Mintable is an open marketplace for creating, selling, and trading NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. As an NFT art marketplace, Mintable allows artists to easily turn their artworks into items (NFTs) that live on the blockchain and are controlled by smart contracts. By using the Immutable X platform, which is a Layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum, Mintable users do not have to pay high gas fees for trading NFTs.


Mintbase is an NFT marketplace that allows anyone, including those without technical backgrounds, to create their own digital assets as NFTs on multiple blockchains. Items created on Mintbase can also be traded on other digital exchanges. To solve the high Ethereum gas fee problem, Mintbase will be adding NEAR as another blockchain in addition to Ethereum. It will be more affordable for people to create and trade NFTs on NEAR.

NFT Art Marketplaces